Home Insurance in Farmington, CT

The state of Connecticut declared 33 major disasters between 1953 and 2019. Most of the disasters were tropical storms and hurricanes. Although Connecticut has one of the lowest violent crime rates, property damage and theft are unfortunately on the rise.

Even more unfortunate are the families that weren't properly insured following a natural disaster or property theft. 

In 2015, a family of five Farmington, CT residents lost their home to a fire overnight. In that short time, overnight, everything they had worked for and known went up in flames.

"You never think it's going to happen to you," the mother said — until it does happen. Our question to you is: What would have happened to that family after the fire if their home wasn't properly insured?

The poor couple wouldn't be able to provide shelter for their children, let alone livable conditions.

Even though it was a tremendous challenge, they were able to rebuild on the property and rebuild the life they almost lost.

Had they not been properly insured, since Connecticut doesn't require you to carry homeowner’s insurance, they wouldn’t be able to rebuild.

Should you insure your home and how much coverage do you need? ASFV Insurance will quote your home insurance to make sure you're properly covered.

Why Choose ASFV Insurance?

Another insurance is just another business, but ASFV Insurance's business is your family's safety.

ASFV Insurance WILL take the time necessary to make sure you are protected, whether it's a liability, disaster, or accident.

In cases where you need your insurance to have your back, we will not shy away. Instead, we'll support you and your family.

ASFV Insurance will guide and advise you until, together, we craft a policy that’ll keep you safe.