Honda Auto Insurance

Noah, a young adult, had an accident in stop-and-go traffic, colliding with another vehicle in his Honda Civic. Noah's Honda had a radiator issue, while the other vehicle had a few dents and scratches. Both Noah and the driver of the other vehicle agreed to let the issue go without pressing any charges.

One year later, Noah's mother died a month before Christmas. His family had a difficult time, but nonetheless, they planned to gather together for that Christmas and recuperate.

One week away from the gathering, Noah received a "Christmas surprise" lawsuit against him for $500,000 in healthcare costs and property damage. 

However, his coverage wasn't the state minimum; instead, it was $240,000/$500,000, which meant he was safe.

We were able to properly defend Noah because he was adequately insured.

He and his family were able to spend that year's Christmas in peace.

Why Should You Insure Your Property With ASFV Insurance?

Hearing anything besides "I only have the state minimum coverage" is unfortunately very rare.

We're here to change that fact by discussing proper ideas with our clients in an open manner. 

We're here to let you know just how much better insurance you can have and that it barely costs you anything more than the minimum.

We’re here to guide you through ideas you might not understand until you know exactly what type of coverage is best for you. And lastly,

ASFV Insurance's goal is to craft a policy that'll keep you safe.

We can quote your auto insurance right away to make sure you are properly covered.