Toyota Auto Insurance

A teenager, Liam, who had just gotten his driver’s license a few months ago, used his grandma’s Toyota while he was saving up for his own car. Driving behind another vehicle on his way from work, he was looking for oncoming traffic, while said vehicle began rapidly slowing down in the middle of the road.

Liam couldn’t react quickly enough and collided with a brand-new, $100,000 Mercedes. Both drivers parked close to where the accident happened, and Liam was suddenly facing a potential lawsuit.

A few minutes passed by, and a police officer arrived on the scene, asking Liam for his license, registration, and insurance. Looking at the insurance, the officer calmed Liam down, letting him know that his Toyota was very well insured and that he had nothing to worry about.

When Liam went to inform his grandma of what had happened, she told him that she had increased the insurance coverage on her Toyota before she lent it to him. When Liam asked her how she was able to pay for the insurance, his grandma explained that it barely cost her anything more than the minimum legal coverage she had before.

Based on insurance, the driver whose vehicle has been damaged realized he would benefit more from taking the lawsuit up with the insurance company, meaning Liam didn’t have to pay a dime.

Unfortunately, other teenagers, and drivers in general, aren’t so lucky. And neither realizes that having better insurance than the state’s minimum requirement could save them from financial ruin, nor that it barely costs more than the minimum.

Why Choose ASFV Insurance?

We have simple, but concrete beliefs.

The core job of an insurance company is risk management. 

Most companies use difficult-to-understand industry language to get a client into an unfavorable deal. A client either accepts the deal or shies away, requesting the state minimum. Both strategies are losing for you.

ASFV Insurance differs in that we guide you and openly advise you on the coverages that will benefit you, and the ones you can safely disregard until we craft an approving policy together, properly covering you and your vehicle. In fact, we can even quote your auto insurance to make sure you are properly covered right now.

In turn, if you were ever to end up in a situation where you might be facing a lawsuit just like Liam almost had, you wouldn’t need luck, because you’re smart enough to properly cover and insure your assets.